Hot Springs to Visit in Zambia

Written by: Esnala Banda

Whilst the hot Zambian weather will usually have you wanting to jump into the nearest pol, you can find the various hot springs dotted around the country an amazing sight in spite of the heat.

Gwisho Hot Springs

As you travel across Zambia, be sure to stop by Gwisho hot-springs for an experience like no other. 

The Gwisho hot-springs are located on Lochinvar Lodge in Lochinvar National Park, Zambia. They extend over 1.5km on the south edge of the Kafue Flats, 61.1km southwest of Monze, and about 1 km west of the Lochnivar Ranch and visitors can approach the springs very closely by road. 

The springs at Gwisho and Bwanda are a ‘must-see’ for any visitor to Lochinvar. Located on elevated ground on the edge of woodland in the south of the park, visitors have far-reaching views over the dambo grasslands to the north and the wildlife coming to drink at the springs.

The Gwisho Hot Springs occur along a geological fault here, surrounded by lush vegetation and vegetable ivory palms. The water rises from depths of over 1 km with temperatures ranging from 60° to 90° C! There are high concentrations of sodium, chlorine, calcium and sulphates in the water. Visitors are warned to be very careful around these waters.

Chinyunyu hot spring

Situated in Chongwe District, on the Great East Road Chinyunyu Hot Spring is another Zambian natural resource worth taking a look at. Hot water springs out of the rocks below, and in most cases, the water is too hot to place your hand in it.

Visitors are met by the site caretaker who tells all there is to tell about the Hot springs. The local people go to the springs to wash in the water as they believe that touching this water will cleanse them of all their troubles, people also go there for prayer as they believe that this site is a gift from God.

It is not an uncommon sight to see children wading through the springs as they have become accustomed to the springs hot waters through years of practice.

This sites attracts local and international tourists alike and can be viewed at a small fee.

Kapishya Hot Springs

The Kapishya Hot Springs are a natural, sulphur free springs on the Shiwa Ng’andu Estate in Northern Zambia. 

The pool is fed by three cold water springs which permeate down 6-7 kilometres to be super-heated and then forced back to the surface at a luxurious 41℃. 

Kapishya Springs are naturally Sulphur free and have crystal clear water wich makes for a comfortable and safe swim especially for children.

These springs prove a truly relaxing experience adding a wonderful touch to the stay at Shiwa. Kapishya also has a fully catered or self-catered lodge and a very pleasant beautifully grassed campsite for the more adventurous.

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