Chasing Waterfalls in Lesotho

Written by: Thandeka Mujati

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that loves exploring impressive natural wonders? Then, you need to add this breath-taking waterfall on your to-see list. Cascading water falling from the sky proves again and again to be one of earth’s most captivating natural wonders. Although the hunt for the perfect waterfall can prove to be quite a trek, the spectacular feeling of fresh falling mist on your face and a gaze at the pure majesty of the natural world is a worthwhile way to spend a day. That is why you need to experience Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho.

Lesotho is a country in southern Africa that is a scenic land of tall mountains, narrow valleys and home to Maletsunyane Falls. The impressive waterfall is also known as one of Africa’s largest single drop waterfall (meaning one level at the top and bottom) by the volume of water flowing over it. It belongs to top-league waterfalls of the world due to its impressive height of 192 m, stunning setting, wide stream and “clean”, uninterrupted fall. Waterfall has formed on Maletsunyane – tributary of Orange Rive, which falls over the ledge of Triassic – Jurassic basalt.

The Falls are located near the town of Semonkong. They create a mist as the water plummets into a spectacular gorge. It is from this mist or fog that Semonkong – The Place of Smoke – gets its name! Take a trip to Semonkong and enjoy an array of activities and attractions inspired by nature. There are loads of outdoor activities to keep the whole family busy. From hiking and biking trails to pony-trekking, quad biking, mountain biking, trout fishing and of course seeing the breath-taking Falls.

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If you visit the Falls, a must-do activity is abseiling. The Maletsunyane Abseil is the longest commercially operated single-drop abseil in the world, operated by Semonkong Lodge, Lesotho. Maletsunyane Abseil is the holder of a Guinness World Record Certificate. The abseil descends 204m non-stop to the bottom of the gorge and it is not for the faint-hearted. It is a once in a life-time experience that brings you in direct contact with the magnitude of nature. Feel the spray of the waterfall while you descend down the waterfall. 

If you want to plan a break with your friends Maletsunyane is also the location of Lesotho’s biggest Braai Festival. The Maletsunyane Braai Festival is an annual event for family and friends which is held in Semonkong against the backdrop of the breath-taking Falls. The Festival takes place on the last weekend of November and it’s an event not to be missed!  All you need to do is bring your own braai stand and camp chairs. You can enjoy braaing with your friends and family while enjoying the array of outdoor activities on offer.

It’s time to check visiting Maletsunyane off your to-do list and start planning your trip to the Falls today. The Maletsunyane Falls has special qualities from the natural setting of the Falls to the tall cliff walls and impressive views will leave any visitor speechless. Enjoy an escape to the relaxing Semonkong’s countryside and experience an adventure-filled holiday in Lesotho. Maletsunyane is one of Lesotho’s biggest tourist attractions and it never disappoints.

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